Our Leadership Coaching Model

As a Take A Breath Coaching client, you will choose to lead with courageous authenticity and make a difference on your own terms. Specifically, you will embrace your unique Purpose, Power and Presence so that you can lead at your best. Partner courageous authencity with best practices in effective leadership results in achieving both your personal and professional goals. You will also focus on leading in all four domains of your life - self, work, home and community and ensuring that all domains are well integrated.

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All of our clients determine their own desired outcomes. However, the following list of outcomes represent many of the issues Take A Breath Coaching clients choose on which to change their professional and personal lives:

  • Learning how to honor all four areas of life - work, family/friends, community and self - in order to bring your best self to your life.

  • Clarifying one's values and determining how best to live by those values

  • Learning one's strengths and deciding how to lead with those strengths

  • Exploring how to develop the courage to lead from a place of authencity and empowerment

  • Becoming more emotionally centered and calm in the face of challenges

  • Discovering how to have more energy in order to achieve professional and personal goals

  • Learning the behaviors of effective leaders and how best to incorporate those behaviors

  • Renew a commitment to self-care and designing a plan to prioritize health and wellness

Cathy Smalley Pales, Ed.D.

Cathy Smalley Pales, Ed.D., is the owner of Take a Breath Coaching, LLC. Cathy helps women in association and non-profit leadership choose to lead with courageous authenticity and make a difference on their own terms.

Cathy's central focus is providing the space for women business owners to discover their authentic leadership presence and potential. With extensive experience in the professional world, she knows all too well the tendency to survive rather than thrive. Her passion for providing space for women to grow, develop and change led to her starting this coaching practice and she is excited to lead you through the coaching process!


  • Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration with a concentration in Leadership and Organizational Change, University of Virginia

  • Graduate, Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program

  • Certified Health Coach and Group Fitness Instructor, American Council on Exercise

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Cathy Smalley Pales, Ed.D., Owner of Take a Breath Coaching

Cathy Smalley Pales, Ed.D., Owner of Take a Breath Coaching