Take A Breath Coaching partners with high-achieving women in the non-profit sector to help you lead at your best with courageous authenticity.

We offer individual and group leadership coaching that helps you embrace your unique purpose, power and presence so you can make a difference and achieve your career goals.

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How well are you:

  • Honoring your values in all domains of your life?

  • Making decisions based on your priorities?

  • Spending time on important goals and outcomes?

  • Acknowledging what is most important to you?

  • Using your strengths to have a positive impact?

  • Acting confidently?

  • Taking calculated risks and acting with courage?

  • Presenting yourself in a way that is real and authentic?

  • Standing up for yourself and your values?

  • Making daily choices that are in alignment with your purpose and power?

We are passionate about supporting women Leaders in the non-profit sector and increasing the number of women reaching the C-suite.


Contact us today for your complimentary lead with courageous authenticity session. You will learn actionable ideas you can implement immediately.

  • We will also help you identify desired outcomes for long-term change, including quantifiable methods to measure your success in order to calculate a return on your coaching investment.

  • Together we will determine a leadership coaching approach best suited for your desired outcomes and availability to participate in coaching.

  • Participating in a complimentary session does not commit you to a longer term engagement - you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

What makes take a breath coaching unique?

We help high-achieving women in the non-profit sector lead at their best with courageous authenticity so that they can make a difference and achieve their career goals. Keep reading . . .



Learn about leadership coaching and our approach to working with you.

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Take a Breath Coaching offers individual and group opportunities.

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