Being Courageously Authentic - You Go High When They Go Low

This morning I planned to write a blog post about the myth of work/life balance. I will get to that important topic in due time, but today I feel compelled to write about something else. The purpose of this blog is to present topics around women in leadership and how women can learn to lead as their best, authentic selves. It is not a political blog - there are other places for that. However, something happened this morning that has affected me deeply - I cannot let it go without a thoughtful response.

The president of our wonderful United States of America used Twitter to personally attack a female journalist in a vulgur way because she criticized him this morning on her television broadcast. That is all I am going to say about that.

My message of this blog post is ask ourselves as women and leaders to re-commit daily to leading and living as our best authentic selves. That requires us to know what is important to us, who is important to us and to be willing to experiment with ways to make sure those things show up in all domains of our life. We are at our strongest when we are true to our values, practice our strengths, and stand up to those who wish to bully and belittle us because they are threatened by our power.

We only diminish our own light when we either join the weak in the gutter or allow them to keep us hiding in the dark. Find and lean on your support systems. We need to help each other stay true, stay strong and stay authentic.