The World Called - Are You Answering?

I met a friend for lunch today at a restaurant on The Corner near the University of Virginia. As I was walking back to my car after lunch, I was able to get a good look at this mural on the side of the Graduate hotel


David Guinn painted this mural featuring the poem Testimonial by Rita Dove. The entire poem appears on the other side of the building. I appreciate the fact that David pulled this line from the poem and featured it on its own. It is a powerful statement; The world called, and I answered.

Seeing this today, gave me the opportunity to ask myself how well I am answering my call. I have been called many times in my life to do things I thought would not be possible but the call did not let me go - earning a doctorate, becoming a foster parent and starting this leadership coaching practice. A call doesn't have to be a major endeavor; it is just something you feel compelled to do and the world will not give up until you answer.

I must confess I find myself struggling more than I would like to admit in answering the call regarding my coaching practice. Too often I hear the voice in the head question my knowledge, experience, worthiness, courage, etc. The best I can do is notice the voice, thank it for trying to protect me and take some action (even a very small one) in the direction of my goals and values. 

Have there been times in your life where you heard the call but did not answer? What were the reasons? Were (are) they valid? What would happen if you opened up to the possibility of answering the call? What have you learned about yourself when you have answered the call? How can you replicate that success for the future? Please take some time today to reflect on these questions. The world needs you to answer its call.